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Laatukeskus is now Excellence Finland

It is time for big changes for our brand and name. From now on, Laatukeskus will be Excellence Finland. Excellence Finland was already a part of our old name, Laatukeskus Excellence Finland. Now, we are continuing our journey as simply Excellence Finland.  

Excellence Finland is a network of ambitious organisations and their professionals for improving and learning from one another. We want to offer organisations permanent improvements, not quick fixes. We want to encourage and inspire companies and public organisations and help them raise their bar to an international level. Success is achieved through hard work but the work can also be fun – and working together makes the journey even more enjoyable! 

New brand makes the change visible 

We have a new logo, a new look, a new brand name and our website address format will be changed to All our materials are being updated during the summer to conform to the name change and new look. Starting from 7 June, we will begin using our new e-mail address format: If you use the old e-mail address format or navigate yourself to the old website after the aforementioned date, there is no need for concern as you will be redirected to the correct website and all the e-mails will be forwarded to their correct addresses automatically. The names used on the billing address are still the registered names of the company, Suomen Laatuyhdistys ry and Laatukeskus Excellence Finland Oy.  

This is a good starting point for continuing our journey of change with our members and customers. 

Excellence Finland – Join our network and learn from the best!