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The Finnish Excellence Award first time for the care sector – Mikkelin Kotikaari Association’s operation is based on continuous improvement

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The winner of the Finnish Excellence Award 2019 was announced at the international EFQM Forum held in Helsinki, Finland. The award went to Mikkelin Kotikaari Association, which is a not-for-profit association. It provides care services for people living in its assisted living facilities or its senior citizens’ rental apartments. The organisation is the first care sector player to receive the Finnish Excellence Award.

The board of the Finnish Excellence Association granted the award signed by the President of the Republic of Finland Mr. Sauli Niinistö on 23 October 2019. The award was presented by the Minister of Economic Affairs Ms. Katri Kulmuni.

Mikkelin Kotikaari Association, established in 1984, offers care services 24/7 in two assisted living facilities and three senior citizens’ rental apartments. The association has 40 permanent employees, and its turnover was EUR 3.5 million in 2018. All its operations are based on the mission “Kunniatehtävänä arvokas elämä” (“It is our honour to pursue a dignified life”). The organisation has, for instance, developed new operating models for communal housing for senior citizens, and realised a concept called “Ikäihmisten kylä” (A village for senior citizens). In addition, the association has experimented with multidisciplinary solutions in service housing with 24-hour assistance and short-term care. The association has invested in its personnel’s well-being and promoted corporate responsibility. Mikkelin Kotikaari Association is also a forerunner in using digital solutions in their field.

“The assessment was made at a time when our sector was having a lot of public attention. When both our customers and our staff praise our governance and operating culture at the same time, it proves that our operation is of high quality. All our employees are very happy and proud of this recognition”, shares Ms. Riitta Paasivuori, the CEO of Mikkelin Kotikaari Association.

“Observations made by external assessors show above all that the organisation is willing to develop its operations in the long term. Mikkelin Kotikaari Association is recognised for their continuous improvement and value-driven leadership”, says the CEO of Laatukeskus Excellence Finland Mr. Tani Järvinen.

The winner receives a grant of EUR 30,000 from Suomen Messusäätiö.

Further information
Tani Järvinen, CEO, Laatukeskus Excellence Finland, +358 40 844 5767,
Riitta Paasivuori, CEO, Mikkelin Kotikaari Association, +358 50 5874 880,

The Finnish Excellence Award
The current Finnish Exellence Award is a national recognition for excellence, which is appreciated by the organisations’ stakeholders. The award encourages organisations and their personnel to develop their operations systematically and supports them in developing a strong brand.

The winner is selected among all organisations taking part in the Recognised for Excellence (R4E) or Total CAF Assessment (TOCA) assessments. The Finnish Quality Association bestows the annual award upon the organisation that achieves the best result in the external evaluation.